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Chela Gel and Liquid

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Chelate material for chemical extension of root canals.

F&A Chela Gel is designed for extension of root canals due to the dissolution of the calcium components of the canal walls and dentinal sawdust appeared during mechanical processing.
EDTA-sodium salt removes calcium salts from the walls of the canal allowing the reamers and files to clean quickly the canal and give to it the desired shape.
The ability of EDTA to dissolve calcium of dentinal plugs quickly allows mechanical tools to penetrate even into the thinnest canals. The Gel minimizes the risk of tool breakage in the canal.
F&A Chela Gel also facilitates removal of the broken instruments, silver and gutta-percha pins, etc. from the canal. Contains benzalkonium chloride, which provides the antibacterial effect of the drug.

Available in two forms:

  • F&A Chela liquid (9ml bottle)
  • F&A Chela Gel (5ml Syringe)

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