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Self-Adhesive Luting Cement

BisCem is a dual-cured self-adhesive resin cement requiring no etching, priming, or bonding of the prepared surface. BisCem has excellent handling properties, is easy to use, and is formulated so that clean-up is very easy. It is a paste/paste formula delivered in an auto-mix dual syringe. In addition, it is radiopaque and produces a strong, durable bond to all substrates.

BisCem is available in two shades, Translucent and Opaque, for a simplified system that meets the needs of a wide variety of restorative options.

Unique Benefits:

  • A self-adhesive cement specifically formulated for excellent handling properties and easy clean-up Radiopaque material is easily identified on radiographs.
  • Low film thickness ensures the restoration is completely seated.
  • A cost-effective alternative designed to bond to a multitude of substrates, including metals, composites, porcelain, and amalgam.
  • Glass Ionomer benefits with resin cement strength.

Clinical Significance:

  • No etching, priming, or bonding saves time by reducing clinical steps.
  • An auto-mix dual-syringe delivery requires no hand mixing that can be dispensed directly into the restoration.